Beware of The Mortgage Modification Law Group. Somehow they were able to obtain my loan information and promoted that they were working with my mortgage company to modify my home mortgage. For a very expensive fee of $2750, all paid up front, they promised to litigate a fantastic loan modification. They operate out of St Petersburg Florida and Mericopa Arizona. They may be one of several shady companies run by a scam artist out of Minnesota, a Timothy M Stoll.

Every person in their company proports to be a "senior" modification specialist, or "lead" something or other. They do not have any "regular" staff. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the attorney generals office of three states.

They promise to "litigate" on your behalf. They don't litigate anything. They process paperwork whenever they get around to it. They don't do anything that you can't do yourself. Furthermore you can do it much quicker on your own by just contacting your mortgage company on your own.

I checked this company out very thoroughly before I gave them any money and found nothing on them. Only after I had problems with lack of progress did I find out the negative information about this company. Beware of The Mortgage Mitigation Law group.

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These people are scam artits who claim to help!!! Paid them 3,000 to get my loan modified after having a ballon loan.

They promised they could get my loan modifed to at least 4% intrest and if they werent able to get a loan mod for me I would get a FULL refund....that never happened!!! My home is now under forclousure. They took my money and didnt help me. I have left they several voice messages and sent them emails to my contact person named Jackie no one has yet to contact me.

I want my money back I just found out they changed the company name and the new email address is customercare.drurylaw@gmail.com keeping my fingers crossed that I'm able to get my money back!!!!! :( :(


I too got taken by the Mortgage modification law group and also am in the process of asking for my money back. They did nothing but take my $2500.00 and continue to blow smoke up my *** !


we have also had a problem with them, I was trying to lower my house payment do to a lay off, they said they could help. Yep they helped they never contact my loan company, I did keep in contact with my lender, and ended up lowering my loan for six months.

the Mortgage Law Group did nothing but keep the 2,995.00 dollars I send them. I to checked it out and found nothing showing this could be a scam. I have learned different. I have written tons of letter asking for our money back.

and I haven't heard anything, and now the last letter is coming back no such address.

the first check went to a lawyer in las vegas I have contacted him and he knows nothing,. :(


I am 9 months behind with my loan, my mortgage company is sucking every money in my bank account and they gave me higher modification monthly payment until i met Mortgage Modification Law Group. Now i am paying $900 from 1580, they help ma have a peace of mind. Thanks MMLG.


I got duped and scammed by them. I want to know how we can fight against them, sue and get our money back and prevent them from doing wrong to others ever again! Please contact me e-mail mjvino@yahoo.com


This place is the biggest SCAM! We gave them $2500.00 and we ended up losing our home due to foreclosure!

We were told this process would take 3 months at the most and 9 months later we lost our home and our $2500.00! They NEVER returned phone calls and all they do is lie right through their teeth!


This company is a scam! We ended up losing our home because of these people!

They NEVER return phone calls!

They told us time after time that they are taking care of everything and they never did except letting us lose our house! And, they tell you they will refund your money if you go into foreclosure and trust me they don't...they are liars!


I too have had a similar expierence and researched them and found nothing negative "then" now that's changed. I hired them in November it was broken up into two payments for a total of $2995.00.

At the time I was only a few months behind not even close to foreclosure after they got paid the only contact with them was me requesting updates. they would always say we need updated info and that it takes time. "10 months"? Now my home is in foreclosure and finally Bank of America assigned a negotiator now I have no contact with the loan mod people, they won't return emails, calls...

I was left on my own to talk with the negotiator who is nothing of the sort. I was given an ultimatum of signing an modification agrrement, sending it back with $3400.00 and then my payment will be $300.00 more thean prior to my modification..

Funny thing is Boa refered me to them??? I smell a rat!!!


Well like the saying says, If the river thunders, it's carrying rocks!! Why is Mr.

Mendoza avid in the negative propaganda?? Is he a competitor or disgruntled ex employee? Now Cat Girl, how do YOU knoe his name, and about the cancelled check unless you are his ex co-worker, as well?

i want facts, since I paid them $2500 in two payments and my mortgage co says my house has been foreclosed already, and the person I have been working with is no longer in the company. WZUP with that cat girl?


Also this company has a full staff of people and again he says he checked the company out thoroughly and found nothing until afterward, well again the only complaint is him. Just look at how he spells Mericopa in all of his complaints, it's not spelled right. Your in good hands with this company.


This man whose name is Mr. Mendoza has been filing a similar complaint on any and every web site possible.

He tries to act like he didn't know who he was dealing with and that they contacted him out of the blue. He is full of it. This company is very legitimate and the only complaint is the same one he is posting all over the place. Out of all of the modifications they have done you have one bad apple who is not satisfied and he didn't even pay for the service he canceled the check and is trying to tell people they owe him money.

This guy is full of it. :cry


:upset First of all learn to spell... second of all I used them, they reduced my mortgage by 1200 per month.

I spoke to the attorney there as well... I spoke to the BBB and they let me know that MMLG has corrected all complaints and made good on every one, before I signed on with them.


:cry I can't believe it!!! We just paid out 2750 to them and I will tell you what...If they scam us and do nothing that they promised, I will put a law suit out against them. Now I am really worried more than I was before!!!!!!!!!!!

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