I have been contacted by these people but the stakes have gone up to $3500.00.

Their Website shows that their Corporate Head Quarters is at 20928 N John Wayne Pkwy C-6 Maricopa, AZ 85239 which appears to be a vacant lot, and an office at 800 N.

Rainbow Suite 100 Las Vegas NV 89107, which appears to be a vacant office building. The guy I talked to said his name was Michael Stevens, and the other guys name was Alex.

It really *** me off when people try to take money that I don't have. Also, that the government agencies like the BBB don't look into our complaints.

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Thank you for the information provided it has prevented us from spending $$$$$ needed for payments elsewhere or giving private information about us thus keeping us out of additional finicial trouble.....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.....!!!!!!



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Gabriel Knight


we are been calling this company because they took our $3800, we called them many times asking whats going on and whats the progress of the papers, they said they how can they process our papers they didnt get our documents? and i said its impossible we got recpt from the library that we fax our papers.

then she said hold on, let me look your files?... she said oh the reaosn we didnt process ur papers because we didnt get ur payment.

i can smell their stinky *** work. we nee someone can help us to get this people and they need to pay us.


I completely thought you were talking about a different company. There are sooo many that have the similar name.

You're talking about The Mortgage Modification Law Group, not "The Mortgage Law Group".

I just got my Sale date pushed off, and my Loan modified by The Mortgage Law group. They're pretty awesome.


I completely thought you were talking about a different company. There are sooo many that have the similar name.

You're talking about The Mortgage Modification Law Group, not "The Mortgage Law Group".

I just got my Sale date pushed off, and my Loan modified by The Mortgage Law group. They're pretty awesome.


The BBB is not a Government institution. lol


Class Action Lawsuit. If one has not be started, then start one.


I sent the mortg. modification law group a money order for 795.00 and was told that i would have our modification on our mortg and that we would have a forbearance.

I spoke with a gentleman by the name of mr. m. carter who was based at 1121 s. militiary trail # 248 deerfield beach, fl 33442.

phone #1-877-985-5364 i was told they would stay intouch but i have not heard anything so i tried calling them like i did in the beginning and now i get a message saying that that # can not be reached from our area in largo fl. i am very angry as my son who is overseas lent us the money to do this. mr carter knew where we were getting the money from so he not only took advantage of us but also my son who is overthere fighting for this *** freedom.

and he pulls this ***. i am burning angry.


I tried to get a loan modification on my own and it did not work. MMLG contacted me and said that they could stop the forclosure process and get me a loan modification.

They would call me every two weeks with an update. Mean while the bank kept calling asking for documents that MMLG said they sent to my lender.My mortgage was sold to Wells Fargo. They took over servicing on Sept.1, 2010. MMLG said (Sidney Uday)that he would send the bpacket to them and get the mortgage modified through Wells Fargo.

I called MMLG on Sept. 2,2010. What a surprise the number that I used several times to contact him was disconnected, and another number goes to another company not related to MMLG or Drury & Drury. When I call costomer support they never answer, and now answer as the law group.

I paid $2500 and now am going to loose my home because they took me for a ride.

I wish that I could get my money back.

I also wish that there was a place to go that was ligitimate. and could help me save my home.


I was duped and scammed by this company!!!! I want my money back (as it was told to me before I paid that I would get my money refunded if they were not successful in a forensic audit and loan mod.)Now, I'm losing my home, they took my money that I had to scrape together.

I want to get my money back, sue them and prevent from others having to experience stress and loss of more money and a home.

If anyone has info. on this, please contact me!!!


Well I used The Mortgage Modification Law Group out of the Las Vegas office I'm worse off then when I started. I contacted them well before I was in foreclosure and since I hired them my property is in foreclosure and the modification I recieved is cost $175.00 more per month then before...

plus I have to pay $3400.00 to the bank when I accept and sign the agreement. It's funny I used the website Bank Of America refered...I smell a conspiracy....


There are TWO companies with the name The Mortgage Modification Law Group... There is one in Arizona and another in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas office moved into a better building at 2461 Professional Court Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89128...


They helped me and it was very successful


I contacted them In Aug 2009, they stated that they would stop the foreclosure process after my first payment. That they would get me a modification, not a forebearance, which my mortgage company was offering me.

Three weeks before my forecloser occurred, they contacted me with a forebearance worse than what the bank originally offered and the foreclose process was never stopped but move to a week earlier. I am still awaiting them to get back with me regarding delaying the forecloser.

And its almost 5 months later. I have yet to hear an apology for not being able to do better or offer to reimburse my money some way


First may I ask why would you want to modify your loan when there may be fraud in your mortgage that you were not aware of. You can take that fraud and make those that broke the law pay rather than you paying them to defraud you.

When the banks break the law they owe you money, it says so in the law. The way to show they broke the law is in auditing the paperwork. A forensic audit performed by certified professionals can go over mortgage documents and find the violations of the law. Since a crime may have been committed you need to treat the paperwork as such.

From an audit then a letter asking for more information or a rescission letter asking for the return of all money paid in. From there litigation paperwork can be created ready to file into court. They do not want their violations of the law before a jury of 12 homeowners who may wonder if they were defrauded as well. See all the "mistakes" they make like losing document etc may be more than that, it may be intentional which is fraud.

endlessfrauddetection.com contains example after of example what the law says when it come to mortgages.

If the people are going to take back this country we need to do it one home at a time with the law. Once you have read the law and desire to see those that broke the law pay for breaking the law, contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com to start taking back this country one home at a time

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